Additional Info

The questions below should answer most queries you may have about your Alertus membership and the Alertus emergency contact system. Should you have any further queries please Contact Us.

What if I do not want to record all the details of my doctor etc in the Alertus emergency contact database?

Not a problem. This is optional information only.

What if a neighbour or friend discovers an emergency or incident at my property, can they contact Alertus too?

Most definitely. They simply read the contact details on the Alertus sticker and contact us.

It doesn’t matter who discovers the situation requiring the activation of the Alertus emergency contact system.

The important thing is the incident is identified and the nominated emergency contact persons are informed as soon as possible.

Remember, this is a service that enables the Police, Fire or Ambulance service to react quickly should an incident or emergency occur at your property.

What if I get contacted by Alertus while I’m away from my property and my property is unsecure or needs immediate repair?

Coming soon to the Alertus website will be links and contact information to a full range of professional tradesman, located throughout New Zealand, that are capable of responding to your incident or emergency. For more information see Our Links