The questions below should answer most queries you may have about the Alertus Emergency contact database. Should you have any further queries please Contact Us

What is the Alertus emergency contact database?

The Alertus emergency contact database is the officially recognised system, that holds the incident or emergency contact details (and other related information) for both residential and business properties throughout New Zealand. It is a service that enables the Police, Fire or Ambulance service to obtain any relevant contact information should an incident occur at your property.  The addition of the asset register to business and rrsidential customers will allow Police to request serial number searches to identify the correct owners of located property, whether stolen or found.

Is the service open to anyone?

Yes. Whether you are an owner or tenant, it doesn’t make a difference. Everyone has the right to use this service regardless of ownership.

Incidents or Emergency situations are not selective in this way so nor are we!

Are my property details and other information secure?

Yes. This system is robust and secure using the most up to date IT security and adhering to best practice within industry standards.

Alertus acknowledges the trust customers place with our business and as such we ensure that your information will only be used for the purposes described and we will not pass your information to any third party or government department unless you give us permission to do so. Please read our privacy statement.

How long will the database retain my emergency contact information?

The emergency contact service is a yearly service. At the end of the first year, Alertus will contact you to renew your membership.