If burglary, vandalism, fire or flooding happens
while you're away, will anyone alert you?

"When no-one knows how to find you, we do!"

Used by the New Zealand Police since 1991

The Alertus emergency contact system has been used by the New Zealand Police to contact keyholders of commercial premises for almost 20 years. Now this service is available for homes and baches too!... The Alertus system provides a way for you to be contacted by Alertus, Police, Fire, Emergency services, neighbour or member of the public, if there's an incident or emergency at your property when you're not there. Find out moreā€¦..

Here's how it works....

Property Marking

Place Alertus stickers at your property and give Alertus cards to your neighbours.They contain a Register number unique to your property and the Alertus 0800 free call number. These will be supplied to you as part of your "Welcome Pack" once you have joined Alertus. Find out more...

Emergency Instructions

Login at www.alertus.co.nz and update your contact details any time of the day or night, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Leave instructions and other important information for Police, or other emergency services, to access in an emergency, e.g. asset serial numbers and details, dangerous goods stored on site, pets, security company etc. When Alertus is notified of an incident we will contact you, or your nominated back-up choice. If Police or any emergency services are called out, they can contact you through Alertus too.

Asset Register

Free within your Alertus profile you have the ability to record information about your important assets such as serial numbers of all your valuable electronic equipment.  Find out more...

Hazard Register

Any hazardous items stored at your property, you can list for free in the Hazard Register section of your Alertus profile. These items will be prominently displayed and highlighted with a red border alerting the Police and Emergency Services to the presence of the Hazardous Goods, including the quantity and whereabouts in the premises. Find out more...

Digital Vault

You can also record sensitive or secure information within your "digital vault" such as passport details and other important information which cannot be accessed by Police unless permitted by you. Find out more...

Be the first to know, not the last to know!