How It Works

The Alertus Emergency Contact System

The Alertus emergency contact system operates in a very simple way. Essentially there are three main steps to the system. These three steps are explained below but If you're like me, you'll gather information a lot better and quicker by looking at a picture or diagrams, so we've created a slide show (below) that illustrates the Alertus Emergency Contact System.

Step One: Register Online
Step Two: Alertus Stickers
Step Three: Emergency Contact
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Step One: Register your property with Alertus

  • Firstly, whether it be a residential or business premises, you register your property on the Alertus Website.
  • In this section you will be asked to provide the basic details about your property including the name and contact details for the person registering the property.
  • Following this you have the option to add additonal names and contact numbers of any other person(s) you wish to nominate as "key holders" to this property.
  • There is no limit to the number of key holders you can list for each property.
  • In addition to this there is facility to add information such as the presence and type of dangerous or flammable goods on the property, details on any valuable assets and relevant serial numbers, security aspects relating to the property etc under the Asset Register, Hazard Register or Digital Vault sections.

Step Two: Identify your property as registered with Alertus

  • Once you have registered your property, Alertus will post you out a Welcome Pack. Find out more...
  • Contained in the Welcome Pack is confirmation of your registration into the Alertus database, a set of Alertus Property Identification stickers (see example below) marked with your unique property ID number and a set of instructions on affixing the stickers to your property.
  • Also included will be two pieces of support documents to communicate to your chosen key holders and neighbours.

Step Three: Contact with Alertus about your property

  • Now that your property is registered and identified as an Alertus customer, it is easy for anyone to contact  you about your property, via the Alertus call centre, 24 hrs a day - 7 days a week.
  • It doesn't matter whether it is the NZ Police, Fire Service, St John Ambulance, a neighbour, a passerby, member of the public, contractor... the list goes on.
  • Anyone can simply see the property ID sticker, ring the Alertus call centre on 0800 201 201 and explain the circumstances.
  • Alertus will then contact you or your nominated keyholders registered within that properties profile.
  • Alertus will NOT pass on your contact details to anyone that rings Alertus.
  • Instead, Alertus will simply contact you or your nominated key holder, provide you with the contact details of the person wishing to make contact with you and/or explain the circumstances that has taken place at your property.

Property ID sticker

  • All Alertus customers will receive Two (2) Alertus Property ID stickers as part of their Welcome Pack after joining.
  • This will be posted to you within 2-3 days after registering your property with Alertus.
  • The stickers will be marked with the your unique property identification number in the bottom left hand corner.
  • This number identifies your property within the Alertus secure database.
  • The sticker(s) should be placed on a window or glass door of your property, on the "inside" facing out.
  • Where possible the sticker should also be placed on the street side of your home or business so as to be easily seen from the footpath or upon natural approach to your front door.
  • We recommend placement of the sticker at a height of approximately 170 cms from the ground or head height.
  • The intention is that the number on this sticker is clearly visible when needed.
  • A sample of the Alertus Property ID sticker is shown below.

Alertus Property ID Sticker