We offer two simple plans - either Business or Residential

Alertus offers a simple yet effective way of contacting you, the owner or occupier of a property, in the event of any emergency or incident at your property. Whether your property is a small self contained flat through to a sprawling family home, a small retail premise through to a large commercial office block, all are equal to Alertus.

The Alertus emergency contact system currently offers two simple levels of registration. Either the Business or Residential plan and each are just $39.00 (includes GST) per year per property. These plans are:

How does the Alertus emergency contact system work?

The Alertus emergency contact system is very simple. It can be summarised in three simple steps here....Find Out More

What is an emergency or incident?
An emergency can be classified in so many different ways. It might be an incident, urgent or non-urgent. It may be an event that happens after-hours, during the day or while you are away at work or on holiday. We believe an emergency is defined by the person notifying Alertus with a need to contact the owner or occupier of a property. Alertus will not decide what is or is not, an incident or emergency situation. We will simply contact the owner or their nominated emergency contact person regardless.

Who can contact Alertus and thereby contact the owner or occupier of a property?

Anyone at all. The obvious ones are the emergency services such as Police, Fire and Ambulance.

What are some of the situations where Alertus has been contacted in the past?

Alertus has been providing an emergency contact service to business customers since 1992, and in that time we have experienced a wide and diverse range of situations that have required our services. The following are just some of those situations;

Example 1:

On a Wednesday evening at about 10.00pm, NZ Police attend reports of a burglary in progress at a retail shop in downtown Auckland. Police attend and find the premise with a smashed front window and notice items within the store are scattered around the floor. At the same time another Police patrol within the city locates a person(s) of a similar description to that described by the witness. Police at the premise observe the Alertus ID sticker displayed on the front of the shop and contact the owner/occupier of the retail shop via the Alertus call centre. Police request owner/occupier to attend the premise to identify recovered property, assess loss and secure premise. Police now freed up to attend other incidents within the city.

Example 2:

A rural primary school in the lower North Island is the subject of an arson attack during the early hours on a Sunday morning. NZ Fire Service attaned the incident and resolve the fire issue but the alarm is still sounding causing annoyance to neighbouring properties. Alertus is contacted by the Fire Service and the primary school identified. Nominated keyholders for the school are advised and attend to reset alarm.

Example 3:

On a winters evening, a person waiting at a bus stop in the Wellington CBD noticed a retail shop, that was closed for the evening, had left a heater on near a front window display. They also noticed the Alertus sticker on the front window and contacted us. The shop manager was contacted by Alertus and returned to turn off the heater and avoid a potential fire. let alone damage to the shop and future income.

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