Welcome Pack

What is the Alertus Welcome Pack?
Shortly after joining Alertus online you will receive your welcome pack in the post. The welcome pack will provide you with some simple instructions on what your Alertus registration allows you to do and provides you with some support material to help set you up. Contained in the welcome pack will be ;
  • Property ID stickers (interior facing out on glass)
  • Letter of instruction on your Alertus registration
  • Neighbourhood Notification form
  • Nominated Emergency Contact form 
  • Any other important information about your Alertus registration.

Property ID Sticker
All Alertus customers will receive Two (2) Alertus Property ID stickers as part of their Welcome Pack after joining. This will be posted to you within 2-3 days after registering your property with Alertus. The stickers will be marked with the your unique property identification number in the bottom left hand corner. This number identifies your property within the Alertus secure database.
The sticker(s) should be placed on the inside of a window or glass door of your property, on the "inside" facing out.
Where possible the sticker should also be placed on the street side of your home or business so as to be easily seen from the footpath or upon natural approach to your front door. The intention is that the number on this sticker is clearly visible when needed. 
Placement of the sticker should be at head height or approximately 170cm. This increases the visibility of the sticker to emergency services personnel or members of the public.
A sample of the Alertus Property ID sticker is shown below.


Neighbourhood Notification Form
This form is for you to complete and drop into your neighbours letter box. It lets your neighbour know your property is now registered with the Alertus Emergency Contact system and should they need to contact you (the owner or occupier) in the event of any type of emergency, then simply contact Alertus. See below.
Neighbourhood Notification Form - front side
Neighbourhood Notification Form - rear side

 Nominated Emergency Contact Form
This form is to be completed by you and given to the people that you have selected to list as emergency contacts under your Alertus profile. It allows the person to understand the Alertus service now active over your home or business and explains what they should do if Alertus were to contact them. See below.
Nominated Emergency Contact Form - front view
Nominated Emergency Contact Form - rear view